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Penalty Kicks

 I writing about the dreaded penalty kicks, and I think that they are
 not the problem. 
 The problem is in normal time, teams that reach the later stages
 cancel themselves out because they play so defensively.  We need more
 goals, around 1 goal per game (from the knockout round of Euro `96) we
 should be thinking of upping this to around 4-5 goals per game.   This
 would make for a far more exciting normal time and reduce the need for
 penalty kicks.  
 I don`t know what the solution is, maybe we should widen the goals or
 maybe we should make teams play with 10 men, something needs to be
 done to stop the boring stalemates 
 BTW, I`m serious about widening the goals, people may think this is a
 stupid yank idea but this would work.
 Comments please......
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