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 Rather than rant and rave against those slimiest of beings, the toy
 speculator (may they all rot in the hell they so richly deserve) I'm gonna
 every so often spotlight someone who I see just being cool and helping
 people get the toys they want.
 First choce:
 Ken Boechler
 Ken is selling some Lando figures at pretty much cost plus shipping. 
 That's just a cool thing to do.
 (NOTE: if you're a cool person, and I don't mention you...its just I
 didn;t read your post...lets face it, someone who's cool knows it, and
 doesn't need to have it pointed out...Piece of shit specualators know what
 kind of slime they are.)
 I may also point out super slimy specualtors...but I'll have to think on it.
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