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RE: A lesson for Paul on Jingoistic arguA lesson for Paul on Stratosferic arguments

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Paul wrote;


It is my understanding that "Star Wars" was not intended to produce
anything beyond the economic collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore Star
Wars worked.  Now I'm going to be frank and candid.  Don't take it
personal.  I'M, tired of your effeminate jabs and would like them to   
once and for all.  Cut me down and I  will use my capacity to reply
Don't give me some crap about America.  I am an American. There's this
funny flag invisibly tattooed on my chest.  The world doesn't understand

Schwann (South African) replies;

Your nationalistic ravings are worth less than a good shit. America has
become, like Britain once was, an aggressive colonial power that   
with other countries when it suits your government financially of course.
You've just stated the American case very clearly above. To DESTABILIZE
other governments to its own (financial) advantage. Face it, the USA   
is the GODDOLLAR. Besides which your country does not, and has NEVER   
to, or been capable of, understanding any culture other than its own,
mainly because most Americans associate culture with TV programs.

Your ridiculous aspersions that American scientists are not 'guided' by
their Governments GRANT money is pure pure egotistical national pride
coupled with fantasy..here's what you wrote,

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