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Militias Going Strong, Report Says

Dear Fellow American;
I got this e-mail yesterday and am sending it FYU.

>>Militias Going Strong, Report Says
>>`Common court' movement also said to be flourishing in many states
>>Aurelio Rojas, Chronicle Staff Writer
>>Armed militias that believe the government holds no jurisdiction over them
>>are decreasing in number but continue to pose a significant threat of
>>violence, according to a report to be released today by the Anti-Defamation
>>League of B'nai B'rith. The ADL has been tracking the militia movement for
>>years, and in its latest report found that membership has expanded in five
>>states, remained relatively stable in about 20 states and declined
>>elsewhere, including California. The 68-page report also found that the
>>``common court'' movement, which attempts to replace the legal system with
>>vigilante tribunals that issue phony property liens and criminal
>>indictments, is flourishing. ``Common courts'' function in defiance of
>>legitimate courts and have staged phony trials and issued bogus legal
>>documents in 35 states, including California, where they have become
>>increasingly widespread.
>>``These militiamen and common-law court pseudo-jurists mock the democratic
>>process and the citizens who abide by its rules,'' the authors warned.
>>``Their way leads not to an orderly change in government, but to anarchy and
>>mob rule.'' The report said that last year's 81-day standoff between the
>>Montana Freemen and federal agents inspired like-minded militias to file
>>bogus liens, pass phony checks, set up common-law courts and deny the
>>legitimacy of the federal government. Conspiracies alleging the illegality
>>of the federal government are particularly attractive to militias and
>>common-law court activists. The ideologies driving these groups are
>>complicated, often fanciful, sometimes anti-Semitic and racist, and almost
>>always paranoid, the report said. Perhaps the largest group is the San
>>Antonio-based Republic of Texas, which has refused to recognize elected
>>officials. Last year, the group's general consul mailed a letter to each of
>>Texas's 254 sheriffs, warning that if they did not swear allegiance to the
>>Republic of Texas, they risked being replaced.
>>Common-law advocates have surfaced throughout California in recent months,
>>according to the report. -- Freemen associate John McQuire of Santa Rosa was

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