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Re: The Amazing Hugh Sprunt

Wayne McGuire:

You have posted a most provocative message - I cannot resist commenting.

> Anyone who thinks Democrats, Republicans and Israel were all involved 
> in Whitewater, Iran-Contra and related scandals is going to earn the
> wrath of militant Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives and
> Zionists.

That would seem to include just about everybody. But why should anyone
who knows the score earn the wrath of all these groups? Iran-Contra
(and related scandals) were the work of a small group of insiders. It's
not as though the Democrats and Republicans put it to a vote before 
proceeding. Surely the entire Israeli nation cannot be faulted for not 
knowing what their clandestine intelligence service was up to. Why
they not be as indignant as anyone else? One reason we have massive
coverups such as the one involving Mena is because politicians of
stripe fear the indiscriminate wrath of a public who cannot be bothered 
to figure out what has been going on in their own country. Instead they
swallow the lies of the mainstream media that are fashioned to promote 
the media's hidden agendas - it's easier than thinking.

> I also think we need a strong intelligence community, including an     
> effective CIA, albeit one that is strictly accountable and under
> control. This position will anger those who want to blow the CIA to
> smithereens (sorry Larry, Daniel and Michael).

That goes without saying, but how do we attain this ideal state? The
CIA was SUPPOSED to be under control all along, remember? Now we learn
that they have been importing illegal dope into the country by the
metric ton, and the folks who were supposed to be doing the oversight
become suddenly and inexplicably dyslexic whenever the word M-E-N-A is

> And then there are those who obsessively hate Bill and Hillary Clinton
> on a deeply personal level: I'm afraid that attitude just doesn't ring
> my bell. The Clintons don't strike me as being especially worse than

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