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The Etext Archives The Etext Archives (est. 1992) are home to electronic texts of all kinds, from the sacred to the profane, from the political to the personal. Our duty is to provide electronic versions of texts without judging their content.

Spunk Press Spunk Press collects and distributes literature in electronic format, with an emphasis on anarchism and related issues.

Manifesto from the "Mitnick Liberation Front"


Agentur Bilwet

Here you find new projects of the people behind the Barbie Liberation Organization

The Billboard Liberation Front's Greatest Hits

The Billboard Commandos Warning: Low-tech activists are altering our ads.

The William S. Burroughs Files

The San Francisco Cacophony Society

The First Church of Chumbawamba A magazine of Disentertainment

Culture Jamming Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs. By Mark Dery.

LUTHER BLISSETT HOME PAGE Luther Blissett is both the story-teller and the Mac Guffin of a board-game played on the stage of the world...




Critical Art Ensemble
The Electronic Disturbance
The Mythology of Terrorism on the Net

I/O/D The Web Stalker

Association of Autonomous Astronauts

Law in Cyberspace

10.12.1997 @ Public Netbase

Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger

Recht Widerstaendig
Einige Gedanken zur Autoritaet des Rechtes im Cyberspace samt Bonustracks von fuenf weihnachtlichen Sinnspruechen zum Cyberlaw - mit viel Provokation und einem kleinen Quentchen Ernsthaftigkeit von Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger unter poetischer Mitwirkung von Verena Haas

Cyberspace Law Institute
The Cyberspace Law Institute studies, and helps to develop, the new forms of law and law-making required by the growth of global communications networks and online communities.

CyberSpace Law Center
This site is designed to be an evolving resource for those interested in legal issues concerning cyberspace. Please select a topic area of interest.

Internet Law & Policy Forum

The John Marshall Law School Center for Information Technology and Privacy Law

Internet Content-Related Liability Study

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