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Covert Action Quarterly Investigative journalism. Recommended by Noam Chomsky and targeted by the CIA.

Check out the Center For Democracy And Technology a non-profit public interest organization based in Washington, DC. CDT's mission is to develop and advocate public policies that advance constitutional civil liberties and democratic values in new computer and communications technologies.

Project HAARP:superheating the earth's ionosphere to develop new forms of communications and surveillance technologies that will enable the military to send signals to nuclear submarines and to peer deep underground...

Where did The Alternative HAARP Page ! move?

From foxhole to command post. The Global Command and Control System (GCCS) is an automated information system designed to support deliberate and crisis planning with the use of an integrated set of analytic tools and the flexible data transfer capabilities.

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986 was adopted to address the legal privacy issues that were evolving with the growing use of computers and other new innovations in electronic communications.


Major Provisions

Evolving ECPA Issues

EFF "Privacy, Security, Crypto, & Surveillance" Archive

Office of Technology Assessment United States Congress The Electronic Supervisor: New Technology, New Tensions. A study from 1987, but still interesting.

Die Electronic Data Systems Corporation ist einer der weltweit führenden Dienstleister für Information und Technologie mit Hauptsitz in Dallas.

Orion Technologie und andere geheime Projekte.

Good, old conspiracy theory, in German.

Ein Auszug von Themen aus dem Buch "Matrix III" (The Psocho-Social, Chemical, Biological, and Electronic Manipulation of Human Consciousness), von Valdamar Valerian.


INTELLIGENCE RESSOURCE PROGRAM Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the US Intelligence Community

Intelligence and CounterIntelligence
A useful collection of links, containing military, paramilitary and political publications.

Virtual World of Spies and Intelligence Visit the World of Spies and Intelligence Agencies and you'll uncover their long held secrets and methods.

Victoria's Secret Police
Get a secret list of observed people and organizations in Victoria, Australia.

A photo album of nose-picking secret agents. Bernie had of undercover Secret Service agents visiting a friend's office.

Company Spies
The CIA has opened aglobal Pandora's box by spying on foreign competitors of American companies. A Mother Jones Investigation by Robert Dreyfuss

Reforming U.S. military secrecy
This site presents information about excessive secrecy in the United States national security system. Despite the end of the Cold War, billions of dollars are spent in secret each year, without any accountability to the taxpayers.


From Big Brother to Electronic Panopticon by David Lyon

Postscript on the Societies of Control by Gilles Deleuze

Draft of an article on TEMPEST by Christopher J. Seline Electromagnetic Emanations of Digital Equipment

`Smart cards' called tool of Big Brother So-called smart cards, which can hold reams of personal records on tiny microchips, could soon be issued to millions of Canadians as governments struggle to nab welfare cheats and medicare abusers.

Cyber-Reality Check: Big Brother On The Internet. What happens when millions of people are able to share information in ways that bypass the official nerve centers of news and culture?

BIG BROTHER GOES HIGH-TECH by David Banisar. New technologies developed by the defense industry are spreading into law enforcement, civilian agencies, and private companies. At the same time, outdated laws and regulations are failing to check an expanding pattern of abuses.

Technological Surveillance in the Workplace by Brent T. Johnson. Monitoring E-Mail, Computer Files, Voice Mail, and Telephone Use Without Crossing the Privacy Line

The Hacker Crackdown Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier by Bruce Sterling.

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Prophet of Privacy He took cryptography out of the hands of the spooks and made privacy possible in the digital age, by inventing the most revolutionary concept in encryption since the Renaissance. Steven Levy decodes Whitfield Diffie


MICROWAVE HARASSMENT AND MIND-CONTROL EXPERIMENTATION by, Julianne McKinney Director, Electronic Surveillance Project Association of National Security Alumni December 1992

Software Agents Group at MIT Media Laboratory. An agent is a computational system that inhabits a complex, dynamic environment. The agent can sense, and act on, its environment, and has a set of goals or motivations that it tries to achieve through these actions.

PUBLIC EYE Public signals intelligence. Monitoring of federal, state, and local Government, including military, intelligence, security, police, fire, highway maintenance, forestry, and business radio communication with a scanning radio receiver is a large and growing hobby. Every day and night, scanner hobbyists are entertained by what they overhear -- monitoring the local sheriff and fire departments to hear about events "as they happen," before the news reporters hear about them.

Like to listen to some live chats?

Big Brother is watching you

The use of neural networks to spot potential criminals

Big brother may be watching... Here's what every site you've ever accessed knows about you.

Little Brother is listening Who is little brother? Why you of course. Those who listen in on the activites around them. The reason came up with the name is from such famous comment "Who watches the watchers?" and "Who'll watch Big Brother?"

Types of Wiretaps, Bugs and Methods.

and check out the Wiretapping and Outside Plant Security Page for nice and informative pictures.

Codex "How To" Tricks of the Trade!

How to TAP a telephone...

How to BUG a room...

How to intercept a CELLULAR telephone conversation...

How to intercept a digital PAGER...

and much more...

SECURE Computing Magazine shows you lots of products concerning


Sure it is all about protection?!

Equifax Consumer Center
Order Your Credit Profile and get help with managing a world of information.

SPY ZONE You are entering Communication Control System's Spy Zone. This is not a game! This is the real world of spy versus spy, corporate espionage, counter intelligence, surveillance, and ultra-high tech detection systems. The products, services and information contained in this site are designed to protect you, your business and anything that you consider valuable.

An E-mail Spy Is Coming. Several brokerage houses are beta-testing software that analyzes all E-mail messages for everything from SEC violations to political correctness.

Anonymous Remailers A nontechnical overview of "anonymous" and "pseudo-anonymous" remailers to help you decide whether to use these computer services to enhance your privacy by Andre Bacard, Author of Computer Privacy Handbook ("The Scariest Computer Book of the Year")

The "anonymizer" service allows you to surf the web without revealing any personal information.

Many people surf the web under the illusion that their actions are private and anonymous. Unfortunately, it isn't so. Every time you visit a site, you leave a calling card that reveals where you're coming from, what kind of computer you have, and other details. Most sites keep logs of all your visits. In many cases, this logging may constitute a violation of your privacy.


Ubiquitous Computing by Mark Weiser.

Security Land

Look for yourself!

Manage your money, your calls, your life... with the help of very useful products.


    GUIDANCE ON THE LEGALITY OF KEYSTROKE MONITORING Keystroke monitoring is a process whereby computer system administrators view or record both the keystrokes entered by a computer user and the computer's response during a user-to- computer session.

    Keystroke Monitoring And Login Banners Department of Justice letter on keystroke monitoring and login banners

    SecureNet PRO SecureNet PRO is the ideal tool for intrusion detection and response. In addition to automatically performing keystroke level monitoring of every network connection, it provides the administrator with monitoring and logging facilities...


    "Der Große Lauschangriff" Chaos Communication Congress 1993 / Hamburg - Veranstaltungs-Zusammenfassung

    Der große Lauschangriff Während in Bonn noch über den "großen Lauschangriff" diskutiert wird, wird gezeigt, wie Sie mit ganz einfachen Mitteln erfahren, was im Büro Ihrer Kollegen über Sie geredet wird und mit welchen Kommandos Ihre Kollegen so phantastische Ergebnisse erzielen.

    Lauschangriff aufs Netz Kein Aufschrei, keine Protestdemonstrationen - nahezu unbemerkt von der Öffentlichkeit haben Bonner Politiker Mitte Juli den großen Lauschangriff auf die modernen Kommunikationsnetze gestartet.

    Schwachstellen finden sich überall. Wenden Sie sich vertrauensvoll an die Spezialisten der Überwachungstechnik. Große Gefahren ergeben sich nicht nur durch getarnte Minisender im Aschenbecher, Kugelschreiber, Mehrfachsteckdosen usw., sondern auch durch das Anzapfen von Daten und Telefonleitungen. Auch Videowanzen werden immer beliebter.

    Kryptographie in Österreich Kein Briefgeheimnis in der Informationsgesellschaft?

    Lauschangriff & Rasterfahndung Abg. z. NR Mag. Terezija Stoisits, Justizsprecherin Dr. Dorith Salvarni-Drill, Referentin und die Grünen protestieren.

    Thesenpapier der PLATTFORM GRUNDRECHTE zum Lauschangriff Grundrechte bilden das Fundament unseres Staates. Dennoch ist das Bewußtsein um ihre Bedeutung unterentwickelt. Die unkritisch geführte Diskussion über "neue Fahndungsmethoden" zeigt erneut, daß gravierende Grundrechtseingriffe unreflektiert in Kauf genommen werden. Vorübergehend außer Betrieb

    Wirtschaftsspionage und Lauschangriff Was Sie schon immer über den Lauschangriff und die Wirtschaftsspionage wissen wollten - Ihnen aber bis jetzt niemand sagen konnte oder wollte!


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