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 Version 4.0 (500)-Final Release-23-Apr-1988
 Public domain; no copyright.  All rights wronged, all wrongs reversed.  Up
 with going down.  The risen flesh commands:  let there be love.  Murphy's law
 on sex:  Love is a matter of chemistry; sex is a matter of physics.  Chaste
 makes waste.  Virginity can be cured.  This document was not sponsored by the
 Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and was not monitored
 by the Air Force Avionics Laboratory.  The views and conclusions contained in
 this document should not be interpreted as representing the official policies,
 either expressed or implied, of the Defense Advanced Projects Agency or the US
 Government.  Neither should it be interpreted nor inferred that the
 authors/contributors have actually performed any of the actions contained
 Disclaimer of Liability
 The user of this test acknowledges that sex is a hazardous sport; that a
 person must copulate in control, and use good judgement at all times; that
 partners' conditions vary constantly and are greatly affected by weather
 changes and previous use; and that dirty sheets, variations in terrain and bed
 surfaces, spouses/pimps/managers, forest growth, rocks and debris, clothed
 obstacles, and many other natural and man-made obstacles and hazards,
 including other users and customers, exist throughout the bedroom area.
 Personal managers(pimps/spouses) and sado-masochistic operations and equipment
 are constantly in use and may be hazardous to those not copulating in control.
 Impotence, collisions, and social diseases resulting in injury can happen at
 any time, even to those copulating in control with proper sexual equipment.
 Inherent risks are part of the sport and may exist within your partner.  As a
 condition of being permitted to use the facilities of your partner, the user
 of this test agrees to copulate in control and within the limits of his/her
 ability, and further acknowledges and accepts these hazards, dangers, and
 risks and assumes the risk of injury or loss to person or damage to property
 which might result from use of the partner's facilities.  As a further
 condition of being permitted to use the facilities of your partner, the
 customer understands and agrees that:
 (1) in the event of a transfer of use by another or anything else in the
 management's opinion is misconduct, misuse, kinky, impotence, or nuisance,
 this service may be revoked without refund;
 (2) the partner is the property of the harem and, upon request, s/he must be
 presented to any authorized representative of the pimp/spouse;
 (3) sexual equipment must be visibly displayed at all times when you are in
 any bedroom and when approaching the bed to copulate.  Your sexual partner is
 not transferable; see Theft of Services, V.S.A., sections 2581 and 2582.
 Purity Test Genesis/History:
 Version 1 (100)
 Created at MIT's Baker House.  Two parallel versions; one for male, and one
 for female.  Not much is known about this version.  It was ported to CMU by ps
 in 1982.
 Version 2 (247)
 Spring 1983 - CMU/jb, pd, kr, ps, ts, mt, et al.  Expanded to 247 questions.
 This marked the beginning of the unisex versions.  The story goes that they
 intended it to be 250 questions, but got tired that night and said "we'll
 think of three more tomorrow", and tomorrow never got there.
 Version 3.3C.1 (400)
 05-Dec-1984 - First formal release general of this test, version 3.xx.  All
 former versions were short-lived and tended to be bug-ridden.  Does not
 discriminate against gays or bi's.  Good correspondence of scores (especially
 in the higher score ranges) between this version and version 2.  Added
 Genesis/History section.