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Re: Need Melnibonean Mythos!!

 In article <4r3tcq$>, 
 > wrote:
 >>In article <4r04bj$>, an634699@anon.penet.f
 >i (Dr. Monty/Mr. Haul) writes:
 >>>In article 
 >>> says...
 >>>>On 28 Jun 1996, Andrew Craker wrote:
 >>>>> writes:
 >>>>> >i was wondering if anyone who has the old Deities and Demi-Gods 
 >>>>h the
 >>>>> >section on the Melnibonean Mythos and Heroes would be willing to
 > ph
 >>>>> >copy this material or e-mail it to me (that is, if it isn't a co
 >>>>> >violation after 16 years)?
 >>>>  It is.
 >>>BTW ne1 know how old something has to be before it is public domain?
 > I 
 >>>think it's 50 years but am not sure.
 >I think this has been changed to 75 years.  
 No...I think it's still 50...could somebody out there with a legal 
 background answer this for us?
 />>the reason i mentioned the copyright possibly no longer being valid 
 />>because our library (which is capable of registering copyrights) 
 /> me
 />>that they are only good for 20 years before they become public 
 />This is definitely wrong
 20 years is the time limit of a *patent* <I.E. on medicin and such> It 
 used to be 16 but they upped it 4 years to comply with some silly 
 international treaty....
 Yes I'm sure of this.