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Re: Charts via a WWW site? Anyone know?

 there is a WWW site that does have some NAV info including airport 
 frequencies, VOR, statistics, and airport diagrams...also has info on 
 varous way can look up the waypoint and find the vor radials 
 it references. 
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 Roy Smith ( wrote:
 : (Paul Tomblin) writes:
 : > the NOAA or whoever owns the copyright on the charts wouldn't allow it.
 : 	US Government publications such as charts (includes marine charts
 : and topo maps) have no copyright.  Anybody is free to copy, reprint, and
 : sell them in any manner they wish.  I believe this is what Howie Kiefe does
 : with aviation charts, and several companies do it with marine charts.  Jepp
 : redraws the charts in their own cartography shop from government data (and
 : copyrights the result), but if they wanted to just xerox the NOS stuff and
 : bind it up with a Jepp cover, the government wouldn't care.
 : > Think of the legal liability if your download got corrupted a bit and you
 : > crashed because of it!
 : 	That's an entirely different issue.  You might get your butt sued,
 : but it wouldn't be for copyright infringement :-)
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