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Re: Synopsis circulators threatened by Paramount (Llarani) wrote:
 >It appears that Paramount is taking some action regarding the synopses
 >that have been circulating.  This was put up on the Web by PsiPhi, whom I
 >believe was one of the key sources of the most popular (and apparently
 >most accurate) synopsis (you know, the one which starts out with "Picard's
 >nightmarish memories of being assimilated...", the one Valenn seems to
 >want a lot of undeserved credit for...):
 >NEW NEWS: A legal letter from Paramount...has forced us to remove the
 >synopsis of "Star Trek: First Contact" from this web site. Also, there
 >will be no images from "Star Trek: First Contact" as those could be
 >copyright infringement. :-(
 >Certified Mail from Viacom Lawyer
 legal bullshit snipped....
 Okay, who has the synopsis? Please post it to the Trek newsgroups. Maybe we
 can keep up regular weekly posting or something.