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 by John Hammell, LEF Political Office 1534 Polk St. Hollywood, FL
 33020 USA, 1-800-333-2553, FAX 954-929-0507,,
 and Maury Silverman 8605 Mayfair Pl. Silver Spring, MD 20910 
 301-588-8387  copyright 1996
 The medical establishment currently resembles a wounded bear thats
 been backed into a corner, and no one fighting for health freedom
 should get complacent at this time for the simple reason that a
 bear is most dangerous when enraged.
 Insurance reimbursement for alternative medicine, our growing
 string of legislative successes on both the state and federal level
 has shaken opponents of health freedom who are working overtime to
 undermine and sabotage our efforts.
 A Foundation ally who monitors the so called "National Council
 Against Health Fraud's" internet mailing list intercepted an email
 message from so called "quackbuster" Wallace I. Sampson on June
 19th when he attempted to alert the state medical boards and other
 enemies of health freedom to call their Senators and Congressmen in
 opposition to the Access to Medical Treatment Act.
 On April 12th, another operative on our side penetrated the annual
 meeting of the Federation of State Medical Boards in Chicago and
 taped a workshop titled "Fraudulent Medical Practices- Watch and Be
 Wary." In this workshop, a number of so called quackbusters and
 prosecutors who specialize in attacking alternative practitioners
 outlined a highly detailed plan to strike back against alternative
 medicine in the courts, in the media, and through their contacts in
 government. Their actions appear to violate anti trust laws which
 prohibit conspiracies between private business concerns and
 government agencies to suppress competing business interests- but
 the burden to prove this in court is imposing. A transcript of the
 aforementioned workshop is available from the LEF website at
 On June 17th, in anticipation of a Senate Hearing on S.1035- The
 Access to Medical Treatment Act, the NY Times published a real
 muckraking piece of yellow journalism by Gina Kolata on the front
 page denouncing alternative medicine and the Office of Alternative
 Medicine at NIH. The hearing had been postponed prior to this, but
 they were clearly trying to rain on our parade. Kolata's rhetoric
 was clearly intended to depict alternative medicine in the most
 negative possible light. On June 18th, the NY Times published
 another horrendous front page attack piece by Kolata in an
 effort to discredit the Office of Alternative Medicine at NIH and
 to cast doubt on the scientific soundness of the research projects
 of recent OAM grant recipients.
 In early October the World Trade Organization will meet in Bonn,
 Germany to vote on the draconian German Codex proposal which would
 restrict the international sale of dietary supplements to RDA
 levels, and the World Trade Organization is structured in such a
 way that the United States (the world's largest manufacturer of
 dietary supplements), won't have any more voting power than very
 small countries such as Togo in West Africa which doesn't even
 manufacture dietary supplements and has very few supplement
 consumers. The FDA has tentatively scheduled August 5th as the date
 for a public meeting to solicit public comments on the US position
 on this issue, however our ability to stop the German provision
 from going through must be fought on an international level. For
 updates on what to do, visit the LEF website at We need people to contact members