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 Hi Jim and other users
 If anyone needs web resources on copyright issues visit my site, The
 Cyber Law Centre at for great info on this
 thorny area.
 We are currently refurbishing, so watch where you tread!!! Please help
 us, with your valuable comments and suggestions.
 Also if the site helps any of you graphic editors, please return the
 favour and design Cyber Law Centre a logo!
 For all budding graphic art-workers,
 As Cyber Law Centre is an intellectual property law site, we serve the
 legal and business community around the world. Therefore a GREAT
 opportunity exists for a designer to obtain or increase his/her
 presence on the web, within this Web hungry audience. THIS IS HOW:
 Cyber Law Centre is run by a self taught HTML, webmaster, who has over
 10 years experience with PC's, but is no good with artwork! So we
 desperately need a snazzy, but functional logo designed for our site.
 We already have something up, (see but we
 think it could be better.
 We are therefore holding a competition, via some Job Sites and this
 newsgroup, for a person to design a logo for Cyber Law Centre. The
 editor of the award winning logo, will receive full credit for the
 design, free web space if necessary to link or display a sample of
 their work!!!  Too Good to Be True? No, email the for an entry form and further details.
 Good Luck!!
 Hannah - LawMaster (Jim McClure) wrote:
 >I have some copyrighted photos that have been scanned.  I need to know why 
 >File Info. . . doesn't produce any comments attached to a file.  It is 
 >absolutely imperative that a copyright notice appear with these images. Is 
 >there some other menu that needs to be used for this?
 >Thank you