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@ Dahlman the hypocrite

 In article <>,
 David Dahlman <> wrote:
 >The word "Netscab" was coined specifically by ecliptic@ to define
 >Texas A&M University employee Keith E. Jackson,
 Dahlman revises history once again.  The word was coined by his alter-ego
 to describe those people who complained to administrators about Usenet
 postings.  For months, Dahlman whined that he was "one complaint away"
 from being kicked off the server, crying that "Netscabs"
 were trying to censor him by getting him kicked off.  Of course, this
 was all a hoax.  He left of his own free will after milking this
 "poor me" game for all it was worth.
 But the truly remarkable thing is that no one came to embody this quaint
 little term more than Dahlman himself.  Not only did he whine and complain
 to other's administrators about their Usenet postings (for reasons as
 trivial as the "right-wing" content of their messages) but he chose to
 target those who posted from company or university accounts.  While
 grandstanding as the champion of Internet Privacy, he blackmailed these
 people with threats to get them in trouble with their bosses or schools,
 unless they shut up.  He came up with one story after another to try and
 excuse this behavior : he was really just trying to get people who used
 "free accounts" to move to commercial ISPs so they could pay for their
 Usenet feed like everyone else, he was trying to protect the name of the
 company or university from being harmed by their employees and students,
 he was justified because some people (not those he actually attacked,
 mind you) did similar things to him, etc..
 >who through a
 >relentlessness campaign of lies and propaganda has taken the term
 >*pathological liar* to heights never before imagined.
 Funny, you can call me a liar all day long, Dave, but let's let everyone
 see you in your own words :
  -  From: (!Rack Jite)
  -  Newsgroups: alt.politics.usa.congress,alt.politics.democrats.d,....
  -  Date: Fri, 15 Dec 1995 17:35:55 GMT
  -  Message-ID: <4as4kf$>
  -  It is probably true that HP does not endores your statements here, but
  -  having read your nasty right-wing rhetoric for most of a year, there is
  -  no getting around the fact that your messages reflect poorly upon
  -  Hewlett Packard.
  -  As a computer consultant I have found myself not recommending HP
  -  products unless there is no way around it, just because of the garbage
  -  you post here under their name.
  -  I believe that such polemic political comment, no matter what side it
  -  comes from, should be posted from personal accounts rather than dragging
  -  one's company name down with them.  
  -  cc:
     In article <3otbds$>,
     Rack Jite <> wrote:
  -  When you spit on me or Stratosfear by slandering either of us as
  -  not being the Veterans we are, the Veterans who fought for and
  -  served our country while you were in diapers and now play at this
  -  grand military veteran WANNABE game of yours, I am not going to
  -  FORWARD ANYTHING, I am going to FAX your slander to every
  -  applicable department at Texas A&M University until you stop:
  -  Public Relations, Legal Affaris, ROTC, Veterans groups and the
  -  girls dorms.
  -  It is about putting a halt to your wanton patholoical obsessive
  -  slander of those who have put their live on the line. It is
  -  UNAMERICAN, it is UNPATRIOTIC and it is spitting not only on those

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