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Re: Safer: UK Football or Rifle Competition? (Was: Guns Save Lives! (no one of consequence) wrote:
 >]You are seriously paranoid. You think your own government is going to carpet 
 >]bomb it's own cities? 
 >No. That is one of the more popular counterclaims put forth by those who
 >think an armed populace can't stop a tyrannical government. Usually, they
 >define the 'tyrant' in question as something that sounds like the love
 >child of Emperor Palpatine and President Servilan. 
 Maybe if things go far enough, KKKlintoon will have a breakdown like
 Nixon and start screaming hysterically about how "Earth Force" has
 betrayed him....
 >]And that 1 million gun-totin' good ol' boys are going to 
 >]organise themselves to stop them? 
 >If they start sabotaging air bases to prevent further sorties? That might 
 >not take a million people to accomplish, or require much coordination.
 Nevermind sabotage.  The planes don't take off so often when they keep
 finding the pilots dead in the men's room of their favorite nudie bar.
 It's not like a Welrod is that hard to build in a basement. 
 >]Get a grip - the US is not heading for a 
 >]police state and Clinton is not Mussolini.
 >Clinton may not be Mussolini, but I wouldn't be too sure about the police
 He's as close as we've come so far.  Of course if you prefer President
 Clark, that's ok too.
 >state part. I am NOT comfortable with the anti-terrorism laws in my
 >country, or the recent attempts to censor the Internet. Pardon me, if I 
 >do not wish to step in that direction.
 At EVERY instance where the choice was individual liberty or
 governmental control, Clinton has chosen governmental control.
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 If the Nazis were serious about their eugenic
 philosophies, they'd gas THEMSELVES.
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