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MODERATOR : Policy Statement for Soc.Religion.Christian.Bible-Study

 Welcome to!
 What is this group and how does it work?
 The purpose of this newsgroup is to discuss the Christian Bible.  This 
 newsgroup is moderated.  That means that all articles sent to the group 
 must be approved by the moderator before they will be distributed to the 
 net at large.  Your NetNews software should automatically transform postings 
 into email to the moderator.  Thus, you should be able to post to this group 
 just like any other.  Do what you would normally do, and in most cases, the
 article will be properly forwarded.
 Unfortunately, some sites have software or configuration problems such 
 that postings to moderated groups simply do not work, or create multiple 
 copies of the submission or send blank submissions.  If you have trouble 
 posting, you can send postings via email directly to the submission id.  
 Postings sent to my personal email address will be delayed, and may even
 be "lost in the shuffle."
    moderator's personal mail id.........
    submission id........................
    comment/question id..................
 Send postings to the submission id, questions or comments for the 
 moderator to the comment/question id and personal email to my id.
 Who can partake and what doctrines are enforced?
 This group was created for the purpose of discussing the Bible, from
 both religious and secular viewpoints.  It is not in any way limited 
 to Christians, but the definition of 'The Bible' is the one (actually 
 'ones') used by Christians.  For explicit details, see the Charter for 
 the group.  The Charter can be obtained from by sending 
 the command 'get bible biblestudy.charter'
 Contributions are accepted from persons of all points of view, which
 explicity means that 'heretical' views are perfectly acceptable, as
 are views that attempt to discredit the Bible for various reasons.  No 
 particluar point of view is enforced or restricted.
 Note well that flame wars or denominational wars are not acceptable.
 Discussions ABOUT denominational views are fine.  Please avoid calling
 others "heretics," "fools," etc.  If you believe a person to hold a
 hertical or foolish position, refute them from Scripture.
 Often times it is necessary to use materials other than Scripture to
 make your point.  This is acceptable, so long as what is under discussion 
 falls in line with the Charter.  That is, if you wish to quote the 
 Church Fathers, the Roman Catholic Catechism, the Council of Trent, the
 Augsburg Confession, etc., that is perfectly acceptable, so long as you 
 stay on topic.
 A note about this, though.  It is well documented that some reformers
 repeatedly referred to the Pope as Anti-Christ, and this view is held
 by many today.  After long, hard thought on this issue, I feel that this
 falls into the notion of denominational attack.  Even if it didn't, the
 statement itself does nothing to foster discussion or communication.  As
 such, posts which contain statements to this effect, or similar ones 
 which tie the Roman Church to certain negative images in the Book of
 Revalation, will be rejected.   
 Anonymous contributions: 
 I will accept postings which have pseudonyms attached to email ids which 
 are identifiable as to their source.  I will also accept postings that 
 request anonymity, posting them with the bible study id as the 'author.'  
 Postings from anonymous posting sites, or anonymous servers will not be 
 accepted under any circumstances.
 Authors requesting anonymity should make it clear that they desire this
 in the first line of their post, in all CAPS.  Failure to do so may