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Re: Sony and Working Designs

 Billy Benson ( wrote:
 : What do you guys and gals think of Sony porting over all of RPG themselves
 : and not allowing Working Designs to do any of it? I think it really sucks..
 : I mean, for 1, Working Designs is a *LOT* better and they don't censor
 : anything out. I'm sure WD would do much better job than Sony can. And
 : secondly, it would be out a lot faster!! We'd probably be playing Arc of
 : Lad and Beyond the Beyond already if it was WD porting them. Is Sony that
 : greedy?? I also heard about some great title that Sony *ISN'T* going to
 : bring here... Sony is really pissing me off....  
 : --
 : Billy Benson	
 I get a good laugh when ever I read a post that has sony and rpg in the 
 same sentence. If you want the best in rpg's you definately bought the 
 wrong system. Not even the most bais psx owners can say that saturn isnt 
 going to be the number 1 rpg system this year! -Chris