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Re: In Nomine said in article <>
 > Kaemaril wrote:
 > > 
 > > So, nothing like a big advertising campaign in the run up to it's 
 > > release date to attract those buyers, eh? Or by appears do you mean 
 > > two to four weeks before they start advertising it?
 >I doubt we'll see any pre-release advertising. I'm sure they've long 
 >since squandered their ad budget for this game. In fact, they've 
 >probably squandered SEVERAL ad budgets for this game. 
 Hmm. That's what I'm afraid of. They have a game they've allegedly spent 
 two years perfecting/getting just right and then they might have to push 
 it out the back door without any advertising support? The best product 
 imaginable wouldn't do very well if nobody knows its out there. Oh well, 
 at least it wouldn't cost SJG very much to advertise on the Internet.
 > A more pertinent question will be, how are they going to solicit the 
 > game to distributors (which normally requires a 3-4 month announced 
 > lead time). I'm guessing they're just going to ship based on numbers 
 > from their two-year-old solicitation, and accept returns. Or maybe not. 
 > If they ARE planning to do a full solicitation, then they've already 
 > missed summer.
 Not having all the relevant facts and figures to hand I cannot say for 
 sure, but a lot of posters to seem to believe that the 
 current RPG market is not quite in as good shape as it was two years ago. 
 If this is true, might not SJG get a lot of games returned, even if 
 selling comparatively well, if they distribute this game based upon 
 information two years out of date? This being the case, could this 
 mislead SJG into thinking that the game is not being well received? 
 > Oh, and regarding "summer" release - in publishing, everything starts 
 > and ends with Christmas. So winter is jan-march, spring is april-june, 
 > summer is july-september, and christmas is october-december.
 Hmm. Well, if In Nomine is released at the end of September it's 
 comforting to know that at least the publishing industry won't think 
 they're late, even if some of us mere mortals do. BTW, does the 
 publishing industry not have an Autumn? 
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