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Re: I've aliased out (was: Re: Reminder - ...

 In article <4r4bq3$>,  <> wrote:
 > (David Bromage) wrote:
 >>Stephen Boursy ( wrote:
 >>>	No decent provider would even dream of aliasing out a site--such
 >>>censorship is outrageous.
 >>Censorship is where you cancel/block on the basis of content. It is not
 >>censorship fo block on the basis of volume.
 >>Blocking out a site is NOT censorship. A useful analogy is "you have a
 >>right to speak, but that doesn't mean I have to listen". 
 >No as correction it should read "you have a right to speak, you do not
 >have a right to PREVENT others from listening, however you have a
 >right not to listen"
 	Correct.  However Mr. Bromage and associates feel, like
 Senator Exon, that they have a right to filter news for others--
 including censoring all posts from a given site.  
 >What is being done is plain and simple censorship of ALL from
 >earthlink. Punish everyone because Chris thinks so. He has been wrong
 >before by the way. 
 	Chris Lewis is a censor by nature--a liar and a forger with
 no regard the truth.  By the way--I read many earthlink posts--this
 is only being done by a few small time owner occupied mickey mouse
 providers but it's the mindset that is disturbing.
 >This is unacceptable. If you don't wish to take SPAM that is one thing
 >to censor other innocent people who are unaware of the issues is not
 >right or fair. They have paid money to have access to the newsgroups.
 	Oh--it has nothing to do with their spam allegations--there
 are financial interests at work.  A provider who wishes unfiltered
 news for their users should avoid UUNET feeds--AOL for example 
 refuses UUNET feeds as they are censored.  
 	The amusing thing about a site the blocks all posts from or wherever is that they are injuring their own users--for
 example a user from the block site flames them--millions read it
 and the user on the site which is censoring has no opportunity to
 respond.  Such a sys admin has shit for brains and belongs
 on fidonet.