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Re: I've aliased out Earthlink (was: Re: Reminder - Earthlink CEO at Caltech, Sat 6/22, 8 Score: 100 (David Bromage) wrote:
 >Stephen Boursy ( wrote:
 >>	No decent provider would even dream of aliasing out a site--such
 >>censorship is outrageous.
 >Censorship is where you cancel/block on the basis of content. It is not
 >censorship fo block on the basis of volume.
 >Blocking out a site is NOT censorship. A useful analogy is "you have a
 >right to speak, but that doesn't mean I have to listen". 
 No as correction it should read "you have a right to speak, you do not
 have a right to PREVENT others from listening, however you have a
 right not to listen"
 What is being done is plain and simple censorship of ALL from
 earthlink. Punish everyone because Chris thinks so. He has been wrong
 before by the way. 
 This is unacceptable. If you don't wish to take SPAM that is one thing
 to censor other innocent people who are unaware of the issues is not
 right or fair. They have paid money to have access to the newsgroups.