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Re: Help Needed! Smith Barney Wants to Censor My Web Site!

 Andrew C. Greenberg ( wrote:
 >In article <4r1kbu$>, wrote:
 >> But if the magazine is about Rolex, the company, I do think it's
 >> reasonable (including the publisher's hopes).  Is there anything I'm
 >> missing here?
 >A small thing called the law of unfair competition.  You seriously need
 >to read up on the subject.
 I am familiar with it.  I fail to see the relevance though.  In the
 Rolex example, the Rolex magazine isn't doing anything wrongful or
 deceptive (and I don't think the title is chosen to confuse).  The
 magazine is ABOUT Rolex watches.  
 According to the Unfair Competition Law page on the Cornell Law School
 "The law of unfair competition is primarily comprised of torts that
  cause an economic injury to a business, through a deceptive or
  wrongful business practice."
 What Lissack is doing isn't something I'd call a business practice.
 It even remains to be seen whether it's "unfair", deceptive, or
 Perhaps you're right, perhaps he could be found guilty of "unfair
 competition".  I think that's very unjust given that it sets a
 precedent for not being able to parody effectively and to not be able
 to criticise freely (not in a restricted manner).
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