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Re: MCSNet NewsgroupsCensorship wasRe:Netcom Advice? (Seth Finkelstein) wrote:
 > >>    This is the "censorship is the same as selection" fallacy. No,
 > >
 > >You know, I've studied logic and debate for awhile, and I've never 
 > heard >of this "censorship is the same as selection" fallacy you 
 > mention. >Perhaps you're like to cite your sources?
 He may be talking about the "all editorial decisions are censorship" 
 question - you know the one: 
 (A) "TIME dint by my arikle, so obvisly there  sencoring me!"  "No, no 
 no, that's not censorship, it's editing."  "No, its scensorship!"  
 on the one hand, versus, 
 (B) "[Your favourite publication's name here] has deleted all the 
 anti-censorship arguments and facts from my article about the internet 
 and left in only the quotations from Cathy Cleaver.  I think they are 
 trying to censor the anti-censorship side of the argument."  "That's 
 their editorial policy."  "No, they represent themselves as being on the 
 middle-to-liberal side; they claim to support free expression.  But they 
 seem strangely hostile to the internet, and have been doing this with 
 several articles about the net.  Where I was writing about the CDA and 
 and said, 'the broad category of "indecency", which would include much 
 material that is legally available in libraries and even Supreme Court 
 decisions,' they replaced that with just the word 'pornography'.  That 
 tells me they were deliberately trying to slant the piece."  "It's still 
 not censorship."
 It doesn't apply to your discussion, of course, but his own command of 
 logic isn't very good.  On Usenet, you and I, and not our servers, are 
 the editors.
 Meanwhile... For your summer reading list: Reading _Unicorn Mountain_ by 
 Michael Bishop is one of the best experiences I've had with the written 
 word in a long time.  I don't just recommend this book, I prescribe it.
 Feminists Against Censorship