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Re: email to (Ram Samudrala) wrote:
 > >>Just an opinion---I don't even believe in voting.
 > >It's attitudes like that that formed the mess we are all in. Do you
 > >realize that if everyone voted, politicians would be kissing ours
 > >asses, and not the other way around like it is now?
 > Nope. I oppose the entire governmental system.  I am an anarchist, 
 > and
 > it would be hypocritical of me to vote.  I think politicians will
 > ALWAYS be corrupt.  I don't believe people should have power to make
 > life and death decisions over other people.
 But Ram, people _do_ have power to make life and death decisions over 
 people.  Surely you want to be able to get them out of office when they 
 abuse that power?
 The CDA could still win in the Supreme Court (although I am hopeful this 
 will not happen).  In that case, the net _will_ be censored, and that 
 will directly affect you - and even me, because it will certainly change 
 the character of what I will see on the net.
 If the CDA falls, the idiots in Congress and their  moral right buddies 
 may still try to concoct Son of CDA.  It might even end up being the law. 
  And that law will have been designed by whoever is still in office after 
 November because people like you didn't bother to vote in any useful way.
 Look, we both know that neither of the two main party candidates  for 
 president are going to fight against the CDA, but how you vote in your 
 local elections could make a great deal of difference to what kind of 
 state and federal laws we have to deal with in the future.  I know of 
 cases in which local council offices were won on a single vote in some 
 localities.  And those local legislators very often go on to run for 
 seats in Congress.  Sometimes they win.  
 And meanwhile, your Congressional representative, and your Senators, will 
 have input into what kinds of bills come before the President for 
 signature, and can put pressure on their colleagues and the president to 
 keep stupid bills and clauses off the table.  Your vote _can_ make a 
 difference to how free _you_ are.
 I don't think not voting is a practical option.  If you really want free 
 speech, I think everyone who cares about that is going to have to get off 
 their tails and vote for it, and let the people they vote for know why 
 they are voting for them.
 Feminists Against Censorship