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Re: Help! Etch-a-Sketch wants to take over and censor!

 In <Dtnv3I.A98@murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU>, Dan Mallison II wrote:
 >I think that they are pulling a lawyer on him.  My advice
 >(which may or may not be good...) is to change the name to
 >websketch and tell them to take a long spacewalk with no
 Perhaps the owner of Web-a-Sketch should contact the folks
 who run Lite Board(tm), <>.
 When I first found this site, it was called LiteBrite(tm),
 which is an obvious infringement.  The only two changes to
 this site that I have noticed are 1) the name obviously,
 and 2) the round "pegs" have been replaced by what look
 like miniature lightbulbs or Christmas-tree ornaments.
 They've even got their own slogan, "Making things with light...".
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