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[PN] Hank Roth's Pro-Fascist Censorship

>Moderator's Note: Bill has a problem following net policy. Those are the
>rules here to save on bandswidth in a large and sometimes high traffic list.
>Deal with it.

This time, Hank Roth entirely censored out my quotes of the Fascist
Kuchta.  In this way he made it impossible for the reader to see
what I was writing about, thus greatly reducing the effectiveness
of my article.

This is how Hank protects his pet Nazis from effective analysis
and criticism.  He allows them to post whatever they want, but
doesn't permit Progressives to quote what the Nazis say and dis-
prove it word for word.  This allows his Nazis to continue to
use their various propaganda techniques freely.

Hank's excuse about "bandwidth" is an obvious lie.  An extra five
kilobytes does not strain his server, the Internet, nor the modems
of list subscribers (which receive at about 9KB/sec) in the slight-
est.  This is not "net policy"; the Internet has *no* such policy!
Browsing the average Web site uses ten to a hundred times as much
Internet bandwidth as the quotes he is censoring out.

This is Hank's policy alone--first he brings the most vicious
Fascists he can find, as long as they are pro-Zionist/anti-Pales-
tinian, into a formerly Progressive mailing list.  Then, on false
pretenses, he sets up a no-quoting policy so that the lies of his
pet Nazis cannot be effectively countered.

This is pro-Fascist censorship and intellectual dishonesty.


Moderator's Note: Bilk, you are an asshole. The policy of not quoting was
in your introductory message to this conference. It has been in effect
for long enough that even the slow witted and dull minded among us ought
to understand what it means. Everyone is treated equally here, but if you
can't stand the heat, take a hike.


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