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Cu Digest, #9.38, Tue 20 May 97File 1--"Electronic Democracy" by Browning


"Electronic Democracy", Graeme Browning, 1996, 0-910965-20-X, U$19.95
%A   Graeme Browning brow@clark.net
%C   462 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT   06897-2126
%D   1996
%G   0-910965-20-X
%I   Pemberton Press Books/Online Inc.
%O   U$19.95 +1-800-248-8466 203-761-1466 fax: +1-203-761-1444 online@well.com
%P   200
%T   "Electronic Democracy: Using the Internet to Influence American Politics"

Maxwell's "How to Access the Federal Government on the Internet"
(cf.  BKHAFGOI.RVW) tells what your (US) government can do for
you.  Casey's "The Hill on the Net" (cf. BKHILNET.RVW) is a kind
of personal memoir of exploration of the use of technology among

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