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Re: Mass Transit.

 Nadeem Jamali wrote:
 > In article <4r26tb$> (Naeem Siddiqi) writes:
 > (Nadeem Jamali) wrote:
 >    >In article <4qvd2v$> (Naeem Siddiqi) writes:
 >    >   ++ tell me mr. bhutta, why do all trains need army escorts when
 >    >   passing thru interior Sindh ? Why do Sindhi wadera's still practice
 >    >   slavery ? Is violence due to race or politics ?
 >    >Can I answer instead? I'm not sure if all trains need army escorts or
 >    >not, but if they do, it makes perfect sense. There aren't resources to
 >    >deploy troops throughout the entire length and width of Sindh like in
 >    >Karachi.
 >    ++ my point was to show that violence is not some kind of race thing
 >    equated with all muhajirs. MQM kills, so do Sindhi waderas, so do
 >    punjabis',pathans and everyone else. your magic mushroom induced
 >    conspiracy theories are too far fetched.
 > Your point is baseless. Security on trains is not against waderas coming
 > and killing people. I have yet to hear of an incident of a wadera going
 > and attacking people on a train. Waderas are rich landlords, if you
 > didn't know. The passengers on trains are often predominantly Sindhi,
 > and there have been incidents where MQM terrorists have gotten inside
 > at some station, separated people on ethnic lines and killed Sindhis.
 > I specifically remember instances of stopping buses in Karachi, picking
 > out Sindhis and shooting them.. once killing more than 100 fishermen.
 > The only other threat is robbers who are guilty of random violence.
 > But that doesn't mean all killings are random.. Are you really suggesting
 > that Mohajirs killing Sindhis is random violence??
 >    >As far as Sindhi wadera's wrong practices are concerned... is that
 >    >your excuse for killing the innocent poor Sindhis who somehow manage
 >    >to get out of the wadera's slavery and look for menial jobs in
 >    >Karachi?
 >    ++ innocent EVERYONE gets killed. by MQM, by police, by army. a child
 >    walking on the street who gets shot by a sniper is as innocent as a
 >    passerby murdered by the cops.
 > You probably haven't seen the figures on how many of the innocent
 > people killed in Karachi and Hyderabad were ethnic Sindhis, killed by
 > MQM as revenge against the army crackdown. News was all over in all
 > Sindhi papers, but never considered by Urdu/English press. Even the
 > Human Rights group in Pakistan is filled with MQM supporters. There
 > was a big meeting in Islamabad and luckily there were some Sindhi
 > journalists etc. there. Although reluctantly, the group had to include
 > the term terrorists for MQM in their final draft, after seeing that
 > all foreign correspondents were starting to understand the picture.
 >    >This is one of the strangest things. MQM kills the poor lower/middle
 >    >class Sindhis, wants them to get out of the cities, out of jobs, out
 >    >of colleges etc. In case you care, lower/middle class Sindhis living
 >    ++ this is pure fantasy on your part. suggest you throw away that
 >    bong.
 > All evidence seems to be supporting my ``pure fantasy.'' What support
 > do you have besides ``MQM News'' and the Karachi media too scared to