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Re: Mass Transit.

 In article <4r26tb$> (Naeem Siddiqi) writes: (Nadeem Jamali) wrote:
    >In article <4qvd2v$> (Naeem Siddiqi) writes:
    >   ++ tell me mr. bhutta, why do all trains need army escorts when
    >   passing thru interior Sindh ? Why do Sindhi wadera's still practice
    >   slavery ? Is violence due to race or politics ?
    >Can I answer instead? I'm not sure if all trains need army escorts or
    >not, but if they do, it makes perfect sense. There aren't resources to
    >deploy troops throughout the entire length and width of Sindh like in
    ++ my point was to show that violence is not some kind of race thing
    equated with all muhajirs. MQM kills, so do Sindhi waderas, so do
    punjabis',pathans and everyone else. your magic mushroom induced
    conspiracy theories are too far fetched.
 Your point is baseless. Security on trains is not against waderas coming
 and killing people. I have yet to hear of an incident of a wadera going
 and attacking people on a train. Waderas are rich landlords, if you
 didn't know. The passengers on trains are often predominantly Sindhi,
 and there have been incidents where MQM terrorists have gotten inside
 at some station, separated people on ethnic lines and killed Sindhis. 
 I specifically remember instances of stopping buses in Karachi, picking
 out Sindhis and shooting them.. once killing more than 100 fishermen.
 The only other threat is robbers who are guilty of random violence. 
 But that doesn't mean all killings are random.. Are you really suggesting
 that Mohajirs killing Sindhis is random violence?? 
    >As far as Sindhi wadera's wrong practices are concerned... is that
    >your excuse for killing the innocent poor Sindhis who somehow manage
    >to get out of the wadera's slavery and look for menial jobs in
    ++ innocent EVERYONE gets killed. by MQM, by police, by army. a child
    walking on the street who gets shot by a sniper is as innocent as a
    passerby murdered by the cops.
 You probably haven't seen the figures on how many of the innocent
 people killed in Karachi and Hyderabad were ethnic Sindhis, killed by
 MQM as revenge against the army crackdown. News was all over in all
 Sindhi papers, but never considered by Urdu/English press. Even the
 Human Rights group in Pakistan is filled with MQM supporters. There
 was a big meeting in Islamabad and luckily there were some Sindhi
 journalists etc. there. Although reluctantly, the group had to include
 the term terrorists for MQM in their final draft, after seeing that
 all foreign correspondents were starting to understand the picture.
    >This is one of the strangest things. MQM kills the poor lower/middle
    >class Sindhis, wants them to get out of the cities, out of jobs, out
    >of colleges etc. In case you care, lower/middle class Sindhis living
    ++ this is pure fantasy on your part. suggest you throw away that
 All evidence seems to be supporting my ``pure fantasy.'' What support
 do you have besides ``MQM News'' and the Karachi media too scared to
 write anything that might make MQM unhappy?
 MQM is not killing lower/middle class Sindhis living in the cities? or
 are all Sindhis living in Karachi waderas?
    >Now the question is, why do you bring up the wadera as an excuse for
    >killing lower/middle class Sindhis? Here's the answer for the readers
    ++ there is no excuse for killing anyone. I believe it was YOU who
    used MQM's behaviour to suggest turning karachi into a prison.
 Sounds like a great idea :) but you have to show me my posting.... I
 don't remember having suggested this... Besides, things have cooled
 down in Karachi now that MQM's back is almost broken...
    >vote in election. A Pakistani form of aparthied should be introduced
    >where only the Urban elite get to rule the masses. They know that this