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Re: CNN series on Asian American teens

 nobodaddy ( wrote:
 : >Chuck Shum <> wrote:
 : >nobodaddy (, wrote: 
 : >-> not pure love.  Both Spike Lee and Chang Rae Lee have also made this
 : >-> point Spike Lee puts it bluntly in his movie Jungle Fever : "...I went
 : >-> out with you because I was curious about white and you went out with
 : >-> me because you were curious about black..
     Of course in real life such a sentence is a slick hustle designed
     to get out of some relationship and go off whistling down the street.
     The married guy fools around, then this sentence trivializes and
     delegitimizes the relationship leaving no possible reply. The fact
     that the Snipes character was married as he was made the relationship
     with the Sciorra character pathological - so what did that prove?
 : >->                                          ..this isn't going to be
 : >-> a disney movie."  If interracial love is based on transgression,
 : >-> then it isn't love at all.  It's a disney movie.
     I was told about a funny skit at the old Premise where Alan Arkin
     and Diana Sands played a mixed couple. They clung to one another
     and talked about how their parents would disown them both but they
     would stay together no matter what. So all the parents showed up
     one night to say how much they liked the couple, met one another,
     and walked off the best of friends. After they left, the couple
     just sat there for a while looking at one another in silence. Then
     they brightened up - the pizza delivery guy will hate us, the
     landlord will talk about us - and they happily embraced at the
     curtain and presumably lived happily ever after.
     In another skit Arkin played Norman Aryan from Darien... I wish Lee
     would just have fun with this stuff sometimes. It would work. The
     character Eddie Murphy created in 'Trading Places' could have been
     developed in a series and become nearly as well liked as Chaplin's
     tramp character - I believe it. Murphy could have had a ball sticking
     pins in balloons all over the place and gotten rich in the process.
     But nooooooo, he has to be a vampire, no less...
 : >	That's full of shit and you believed it too. Don't let
 : >the media brainwash you. You watched too many movies which sometimes
 : >do not reflect reality. What I said was that some people react in
 : >a different manner when they see interracial couoples, and I also
 : >said that interracial dating doesn't bother me, but it does bother 
 : >some people. Also, you can fall in love for all kinds of reasons.   
 : From what I remember, you wrote that interracial relationships signify
 : and is the solution to many racial problems and that it is,
 : for the most part, pure. 
 :   To clarify things,I was taking issue with the first sentence of your 
 : statement. I don't remember the exact words, but if I misread it, I'm sorry.  
 : Also, please be careful about snipping other peoples writing.
 : There's nothing wrong with snipping, but in this case, it took everything
 : out of context - and bad misreadings will inevitably occur.
    Hugh ---    (off the air for a bit..)
 	       (sorry if the quotes aren't correct)

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