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 Andrew Rush wrote:
 > On 25 Jun 1996 18:57:12 -0700, (David Cassel) wrote:
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 > >"Isn't it a concern," the President asked, "that anyone anywhere in the
 > >world can pull down off the Internet the information about how to build
 > >a bomb like the bomb that blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma
 > >City?".
 > >
 > >New York Times
 > >
 > I think that is a concern, but a misguided one.  Anyone with any
 > desire to know can find that information without the use of a
 > computer.
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 > >
 > >[U.S. CIA Director] Deutch said a large-scale attack that disrupted U.S.
 > >computer networks could cripple the nation's energy, transportation,
 > >communications, banking, business and military, which are all dependent on
 > >computers that could be vulnerable to sabotage ranging from break-ins by
 > >unauthorized "hackers" to attacks with explosives.
 > >
 > >
 > >Reuters
 > >
 > >
 > >In a recent speech to national security experts, obtained exclusively by
 > >Upside Online, Deputy Attorney General Jamie S. Gorelick, the second most
 > >powerful person in the Justice Department, is pleading for the development
 > >of a "Manhattan Project" (her words) to protect the nation's
 > >infrastructure from computer hackers.
 > >
 > >Upside
 > >
 > Now, as for these two little tidbits -- do you have a problem with
 > protecting senstive/classified/top-secret information from those who
 > would seek to acquire it through use of a computer and a modem?
 > Do you honestly desire that advanced mililtary technology exit the
 > United States and enter the hands of our enemies who would use it
 > against our troops and our citizens?  Is that what you want?
 > The first article was an interesting one about the creation of a
 > "cyberwar" center over at the NSA to combat the infiltration of
 > sensitive US computer systems by unauthorized parties operating inside
 > and outside US borders.  Where is the problem with that?
 Emergency state, national security risk, are nice phrases which are used
 to justify violations of civil liberties all over the world. Now also in the US ?
 I Don't believe there are such major risks in the Internet.
 There are however other risks related to the Internet, these are political risks.
 Educated people watch less TV today and surf the net instead, less subject to the continoues
 brainwash... now they can pick dangerous ideas and might know things they are not supposed to.
 The Internet isn't american but world wide organization , and many important american institutes 
 use it and can't do without it. Looks like a consipracy of the rest of the world against  US ;-8).