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Fight US News & World Report Propaganda!!

   The July 1st issue of US News & World report had a totally 
 slanted, one sided veiw of guns as killers of children and 
 how they add to the nations health care bill.
  Of course they NEVER considered the 1 to 2.5 million times that
 guns are used to PREVENT crime and SAVE lives each year in America.
 (See Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Vol. 86, fall 1995,
 and Social Problems, Vol 35, Feb 1988)
 Furthermore, the guns are unvolved in less than ONE PERCENT
 of all childhood deaths. (See New England Journal of Medicine, 
 Vol. 270; 2207-2212, 1993.)
 Tell those propagandists how you feel, at:
 Or better yet, write to the idiots at: 2400 N Street NW
                                        Washington DC 20037
 Do something or else the mass media brainwash the hearts and minds
 of the American people.  Pete
 "Evil will triumph when good men do nothing"