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Re: Do / prevent X unless Y

 Woking Library ( wrote:
 : When do you pay the cost of Y in cases like:
 : Vodalian Mage
 When the Mage's effect resolves.
 : Lim Duls Hex
 When the upkeep effect is dealt with.
 : Seizures
 Immediately after the creature becomes tapped.
 : Soul Barrier
 I'm pretty sure the Soul Barrier comes under the "when a cards says 'cast'
 it means 'successfully cast' ruling".  So it will trigger immediately
 after the interrupt window.  If it doesn't come under that ruling it will
 have to be paid before the interrupt window.
 : Presumably as part of the resolution of the appropriate effect?
 For some, yes.  A few of those listed above were triggered effects so you
 pay the <foo> when it triggers.
 : Is this still true where the X is damage and the Y is damage 
 : prevention?
 I probably need an example for this.
 : Presumably if the source is destroyed after X, but before Y then
 : you can still pay Y (eg Naf's Asp destroyed after it damages. It
 : could still do extra damage and extra damage could still be prevented
 : by paying 1 mana)
 The Asps will not cause damage if they don't last to that player's next
 : Prevent X unless you do/pay Y: timing slightly different?
 : eg Brainwash. Do you have to pay the 3 mana before assigning the
 : attacker, after assignment, or as a cost to assign?
 As a cost to assign, it is paid in the declare attackers step.  I'm pretty
 sure it has to be done before you  declare it as an attacker, but as long
 as it is done before the declare attackers step ends should be fine.
 : eg Drought. Is the sacrifice done before anouncement, after or 
 : as an additional cost during anouncement?
 Before annoucement.
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