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Re: Giovanni and Necromancy (was Success with new Clans?)

 The Corrupter <> writes:
 >On 22 Jun 1996, Harry Smith wrote:
 >I don't think that Necromancy is really a combat discipline.  As far as I 
 >see, it is a versatile discipline like animalism: some descent combat, a 
 >little of this, a little of that.  Useful on the whole.  If any focus is 
 >needed, I think card retrieval, a few more versatile cards (like Soul 
 >stealing, and Spectral Divination, being both combat/action modifier and 
 >action modifier/reaction), with the odd combat card here and there.
 I would like to see more useful stuff with Necromancy.  I think most of
 the cards are a waste.  I use Spectral Divination, Torment the Soul, 
 and now Whispers from the Dead.  I tried to keep some of the Necromancy
 stuff in, but I always ended up discarding it (which with the Giovanni isn't
 a bad strategy now.  Dump the cards for bringing back allies and retainers,
 and then use Carlotta or Whispers to retrieve it when you need it...)
 >> While I'm talking about Necromancy, here's what I think they should have 
 >> done.  First, dump all those goofy cards that resurect an ally/retainer.
 >No.  These cards are too useful.  One can make a ally/retainer deck, and 
 >use the Necromancy to get them back for free.
 I don't think they need to do anymore with the Ally/retainer cards.  They
 have plenty now.  I would like to see a card that lets you turn an ally
 into a vampire though...  It would be interesting to have Muddles embraced.
 It could be an action called Embrace of the Kindred or something...
 >> Allies don't get used enough to make it worthwhile, and retainers just 
 >> don't die very often.  You should keep maybe one, and let it get allies 
 >> or retainers from anyone's ashheap.  
 >That would be an interesting expansion card (hopefully expensive).
 >> Make more stealth/intercept cards, 
 >> focusing on the summoning spirits and getting information from them 
 >> aspect of Necromancy.  Make some cards that work like the Nosferatu 
 >> special abilities.  Maybe an action that lets you look at the top card of 
 >> your crypt, a combat card that lets you look at the top card of your 
 >> opponants library, etc.  In short, focus more on getting information from 
 >> spirits.
 I like the idea of cards that let you see your next card, as long as they 
 would be a permanent...  A master or Action that stays in play and can be
 How about a card that let's you see a card from another Methuselah's hand?
 Or maybe one that lets you prevent them from getting minion under control
 (like a Brainwash).