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Mint Collection for sale at Origins!

 A member of the local gaming club has collected these set of cards over the last two 
 years.  These cards have never been used in play and he collected them more as art cards 
 (which he also collects)  The cards are in *mint* condition and were stored in 
 plastic card binder sleeves after he open the packs.  There are many rare and high value 
 cards in the collection including *2* black lotuses, a mox emerald, ancestral recall, 
 etc.  Any die hard M:TG player should see these.  This set will be put on sale at 
 Origins Gaming Convention in Columbus, Ohio, July 4-7th at the Inner City games booth.  
 The asking price for this set of over 1600 cards with a Scrye low value of $2400+ will 
 be on sale for only $2000 or best offer.  If your interested please stop by and we will 
 have the set available to look at.  The owner has stated he will donate 10% of the 
 proceeds to our gaming club so please stop by and take a look.  A complete list of the 
 cards is listed below.
 Name			Number	
 Ancestral Recall		1	
 Animate Dead			1	
 Armageddon			1	
 Aspect of the Wolf		1	
 Badlands			1	
 Benalish Hero			2	
 Black Knight			1	
 Black Lotus			2	
 Black Ward			1	
 Blaze of Glory			1	
 Blue Elemental Blast		4	
 Blue Ward			2	
 Camouflage			4	
 Channel				3	
 Circle of Protection: Black	5	
 Circle of Protection: Blue	16	
 Circle of Protection: Green	10	
 Circle of Protection: Red	13	
 Circle of Protection: White	13	
 Clone				1	
 Conservator			2	
 Control Magic			1	
 Conversion 			1	
 Craw Wurm			8	
 Creature Bond			3	
 Crusade				2	
 Cursed Land			1	
 Dark Ritual			3	
 Darkpact			1	
 Deathward			10	
 Deathgrip			1	
 Demonic Tutor			3	
 Disenchant			7	
 Disentegrate			4	
 Dragon Whelp			1	
 Drain Life			5	
 Drudge Skeletons		5	
 Dwarven Warriors		3	
 Earthbind			3	
 Elvish Archers			1	
 Evil Presence			1	
 False Orders			1	
 Fear				4	
 Feedback 			1	
 Fireball			3