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Japanese Magic Sale (partial set, fair prices)

 Title says it all. Having completed the sets I need I look to sell the 
 remaining cards as a set. All cards are near mint (because although they are 
 straight from boosters I have not been able to store them in sleeves) 
 Japanese language 4th edition and should provide the player looking for a 
 single language deck building base a good playing collection. You will note 
 there is not price for the set as (though this is not an auction) I prefer to 
 take submissions as to their value from those interested. Truth is I have the 
 cards I want and dont want to try and "make a mint" on the Japanese cards 
 "originality factor". So if interested offer what you think is fair, I will 
 take the first fair offer I get. I will also trade (in fact that would be 
 preferable, perhaps for a "violated" International Collectors edition.
 The Cards: (by colour, with name and number in set)
 Swamps 14
 Islands 20
 Plains 18
 Forests 18
 Mountains 17
 Stripmine 2
 Mishra's Factory 1
 Artifacts: (in no real order)
 Nevvys Disc 1
 Ornithopter 1
 Triskelion 1
 Rod of Ruin 1
 Wand of Tawnos 1
 Winter Orb 1
 Glasses of Urza 2
 Grapeshot Catapult 4
 Obsidian Golem 1
 Bronze man 1
 Iron Star 1
 Ivory Cup 1
 Yotian Soldier 4
 Clay Statue 2
 Aladin's Lamp 1
 Onulet 2
 Conservator 2
 battering Ram 1
 Urza's Avenger 1
 Clockwork Avian 1
 Colossus of Sardia 2
 Tetravus 1
 Meekstone  1
 Felwar Stone 2
 Amulet of Kroog 3
 Ebony Horse 1
 Jandor's Saddle bags 1
 Shapeshifter 1
 The rack 1
 Wall of Spears 4
 Coral Helm 1
 Crystal Rod 1
 Ashnods Armour 2
 Diabolical Machine (not sure of name  4/4 Art creature)
 Bad Moon 1
 Pestilence 2
 Dark ritual 2