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 >> Now, just for the cheap seats, THATS A FIRST TURN 5/5 CREATURE.
 >	Ok, then your opponent gets a turn, and we'll assume he's only
 >half as lucky with you for his initial draw... (several possibilities)
 >1) Plains, Swords to plowshears... (if he went first with just the plains,
 >not only has he got a card advantage, but just about a free turn)
 >2) Forest, tinder wall, bolt, bolt... (a little less likely than #1, but
 >more likely than yours)
 >3) Swamp, Dark ritual, Terror (better yet, if he goes first... a first
 >turn Hyppie, second turn Terror and you are left with- let me see- 1 card
 >and one forest to play it with- and if you don't...)
 >4) Force of will (notice, no land required...)
 >5) any number of combos including cheap creature defense...
 >6) better yet, if we're looking at god draws anyway, why not go for the
 >first turn win... all it takes is cards (your's takes 6)- 3 rituals,
 >implements of sacrifice, land's edge, necropotence, and a swamp.
 >- Seth
   If you don't agree with creature strategies, then you may as well MACRO your
 argument, because it's going to apply to just about all of them...
   All of these "REASONS", except for the terror option, would seem to apply to the
 Juzam Djinn as well.  There has been a conscious effort to link the two cards in
 quality and you would do well to address those issues.  In the context of that
 argument, the poster illustrated a method to play it FIRST TURN, in a manner
 similar to the FIRST TURN Juzam.  I think it's a quite a stretch, but the
 comparisons are valid and unworthy of such derision.
 1) How valuable is the 1st turn Balduvian Hordes at a cost of 6 cards (5 + discard)?
 Juzam costs 4, usually (Swamp, DR, Mox, Djinn or 3 with Lotus) but you have still
 have trivial upkeep damage as opposed to the one-time side effect of BH.
 2) How viable are BIG 1st turn creatures, in light of STP, Paralyze, Brainwash, and
 3) No matter how you slice it, Black is STILL faster than Green when it comes to
 disposable mana sources and Green is STILL better at gaining overall mana
 superiority.  And both are faster than Red (maybe burnt offering is a better method
 of getting the hordes or 2DR(DR,Mana Vault)/Mind Ravel/Animate Dead).
 4) 1st turn arguments aside, I think BH is a viable big creature for the Red/Green
 Speed Deck, where 2nd turn Concordant Crossroads, tap & lumberjack a forest for
 either an Erhnie or the Hordes are a strong Type II option (You never have the mana
 for the Shivan, anyway <grin>).