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MI5 Persecution: Tactics

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 -= MI5: methods and tactics -=
 They deliberately set out to harass in a way that would resemble the
 symptoms of schizophrenia, so that any report of the harassment would be
 taken as indicating mental illness and "treated" accordingly. They never
 show their own faces; they only work through proxies, in the media, among
 the public, and by manipulating people in the workplace. Since they do not
 declare their identity there is no evidence to initiate legal action
 against the security services or anyone else. The only people you can
 prosecute are the proxies and they will deny knowledge of any conspiracy.
 By repeatedly humiliating and abusing the victim, they induced mental
 illness. This is the worst form of human rights violation: making any
 statement of the harassment appear to be symptomatic of the illness which
 they cause through the harassment. That this can happen, and people collude
 by silence, is absolutely horrifying.
 >From the beginning in June 1990 they set a pattern of harassment which they
 have followed without change for the last six years. They  paint me as a
 "threat" to which people must "react" (shades of Nazi persecution methods),
 while simultaneously portraying their hate campaign on which they have
 spent over a million pounds of taxpayers’ money as a "joke".
 The MI5 that breaks the law with the silent complicity of the police is the
 same agency that is now seeking a role in the fight against crime. Perhaps
 the real joke is the proposed involvement in the implementation of justice
 of an organisation which commits criminal acts with secrecy and disinterest
 for the legal process.