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Re: To Martin Hunt and Other Critics (Super Scio)


Extremist critics? Hmm. I wonder if the clam is addressing me too?
>Yo Martin,
>I'm addressing this to you because you played innocent when
>"anonymous" accused you of attacking potential allies.
>But its also meant for Anti-Clam and a couple of others who
>just can't resist chewing up some of the stuff I've been
>posting and making lots of nasty remarks.

Nah, Anti-Clam was a clam, so you must mean me. Chewing up some of the
stuff you posted? Yeah, that's probably me. I will continue to chew up
the stuff you post, as long as you post brainwashing Hubbardian shit
that the sane part of the world look upon like bad sci-fi at best, and
asylum stuff at worst.

>I do not, by the way, object to those critics who make remarks
>like "I think its rubbish but each to his own".  I think that
>that's a fair statement of live and let live and I can get along
>quite nicely with such people.

Yeah, that would make you happy, wont it? No my autopilot, I'm here to
invalidate each and every clam, cause invalidation is what's going to
make the brainwashing go away. That's why scienos fear invalidation
more than anything else..:-)

>I have also found that most of ARS is quite hospitable and
>friendly to an honest Scientologist who believes that extensive
>reforms are needed within the Church of Scientology.

Extensive reform. Yup, the most extreme from of reform too. That is
total destruction of the cult:-)

>Please realize that there are 4 groups involved in this
>They are:
>1. The real antis

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