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Repost ANA-Jewish Conspiracy? Russians WonderANA -- "Many Russians are returning to a traditional

Many Russians are returning to a traditional scapegoat:
Jews(N.Y. Times News Service)

MOSCOW (April 15, 1997 09:19 a.m. EDT) -- At a recent rally near Red 
Square to protest the Russian government's delays in paying salaries
and pensions, people's rage quickly focused on a different culprit.

"Why are there no Russians in government?" Zinaida Piskunova

"Why, why, why are there only Jews?" She is 46, a rosy-cheeked 
collective farm worker from the city of Yaroslavl who wore a flowered 
kerchief and a sandwich board that read, "Down With the Government, 
Zionist Know-It-Alls!"

The people around her backed her up.

"It's true," one man said. "First Livshits and Yavlinsky, then 
Berezovsky and now Nemtsov. And Chubais, he's probably a Jew too."

He was listing some of the most prominent Russian politicians
associated with economic reform, even though not all are Jewish and
not all support the policies of President Boris Yeltsin's government.

But the presence of more Jews in high places than any time under the 
czars or since the Revolution of 1917 is something that some Russians 
are depicting as sinister.

Frustrated with the wrenching economic and social upheaval that
followed the collapse of Communism, and the Soviet Union, in 1991, and
spurred on by politicians willing to tap their resentments, many

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