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Republic of Texas?Republic of Texas?

: Greetings everyone!

Greetings to you, Frank!
: There is nothing wrong with extremism, and the Republic of Texas 
: "movement" should be viewed in such a light.  What just transpired over
: the past week, however, has nothing much to do with extremism, either
: of the left variety, or its' so-called "right-wing" counterpart -- 
: violent acts occur regardless of political views or what end of the
: political spectrum one wishes to call "home", for themselves.

Nothing wrong with extremism.  Jeez Frank, you sound just like Barry
: As a product of the radical era of the 1960s, I recall various violent
: acts perpetrated by the so-called extreme "left-wing", the Symbionese
: Liberation Army, the Black Panthers, and other such groups that truly
: did espouse violence as a means to achieving a political end.  This was
: the exception, however, for even most avowed "leftists" generally
: oppose violence to achieve political or social goals.  And although it
: was an exception, I feel there was a far greater degree of violence
: associated with the radical leftist groups than there is today with
: such matters as just occured in west Texas.

Nothing the radical left did in the `60's comes close to the mayhem
perpetrated by The Order, the Phineas Priesthood, or McVeigh & Co.  The
Right has a much higher body count!!
: Although many libertarians, including Harry Browne stated that the
: Libertarian Party has achieved solidarity with mainstream America, 
: is the realization that we are still a "fringe" party, or to put it
: quite another way, an "extreme" party, with an extreme political
: philosophy (at least by today's standards).  

Unrealistic...Yes!  Extremist....No!

: A comfortable factor with us "libertarians" is we do NOT believe in 
: initiating the use of force to achieve either social or political ends. 
: And, there is much in the middle here that I do not have the time to 
: really touch on at the moment, for example, many of us believe in 
legitimate use of force for
: self-defense against aggression, and certainly there is a lot of that
: imposed upon all Americans today by our own government.

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