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Republic of Texas?Republic of Texas?

Greetings everyone!

There is nothing wrong with extremism, and the Republic of Texas 
"movement" should be viewed in such a light.  What just transpired over
the past week, however, has nothing much to do with extremism, either
of the left variety, or its' so-called "right-wing" counterpart -- since
violent acts occur regardless of political views or what end of the
political spectrum one wishes to call "home", for themselves.

As a product of the radical era of the 1960s, I recall various violent
acts perpetrated by the so-called extreme "left-wing", the Symbionese
Liberation Army, the Black Panthers, and other such groups that truly
did espouse violence as a means to achieving a political end.  This was
the exception, however, for even most avowed "leftists" generally
oppose violence to achieve political or social goals.  And although it
was an exception, I feel there was a far greater degree of violence
associated with the radical leftist groups than there is today with
such matters as just occured in west Texas.

Although many libertarians, including Harry Browne stated that the
Libertarian Party has achieved solidarity with mainstream America, there
is the realization that we are still a "fringe" party, or to put it
quite another way, an "extreme" party, with an extreme political
philosophy (at least by today's standards).  A comfortable factor with
us "libertarians" is we do NOT believe in initiating the use of force
to achieve either social or political ends.  And, there is much in the
middle here that I do not have the time to really touch on at the
moment, for example, many of us believe in legitimate use of force for
self-defense against aggression, and certainly there is a lot of that
imposed upon all Americans today by our own government.

Aside from that, we need to take a sober look at the use of force by a
faction of the "Republic of Texas" movement, and see how it all stacks
up.  And, a faction it is, since reports indicate the group is split into
three factions as this goes to press.  And, I find it extremely
sobering to take a look at how the mainstream press is playing all of
this up.  I just spent most of last week in Corpus Christi, Texas as
all of this was playing itself out.  The papers I read were far more
objective than anything I have read in the Pacific Northwest concerning
patriot or constitutionalist groups in our own region!  And, it appears
that locally, at least, Texans were given both sides of the standoff--
including the views without hyperbole of the splintered Republic of
Texas view of the legality of the "annexation" of Texas as a state.

A tremendous contrast can be said here between such objective reporting,
and the smear campaign launched by the media in our northwest region!

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