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ZGram - "Letter to Helmut Kohl"ZGram - April 27, 1997 - "Letter to Helmut Kohl"

Copyright (c) 1997 - Ingrid A. Rimland

April 27, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

We are getting help from unexpected sources.  Not meant for us and our
anti-censorship struggle, of course - but nonetheless extremely useful - we
give this press release a helpful ZGram ride in hopes of spreading the good

It is dated April 23, 1997.  It is titled "Letter to Chancellor Kohl Urges
Investigation of Compuserve Prosecution".

It says the following very clearly and succinctly, which we hope we can
apply in the upcoming Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Hearings meant to shut
down your very own beloved and highly useful Zundelsite.

Read it carefully and see if the statements apply to ALL global internet
censorship-or if you can spot any exceptions:

"A coalition of civil liberties organizations from a dozen countries has
written to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl to express concern about the
prosecution of an official from the Compuserve company which makes
available Internet access to German subscribers. The official has been
indicted by local prosecutors.

The letter states the prosecution of the Compuserve manager Mr. Felix Somm
is "ill-advised for both technical and regulatory reasons" and will "have a
harmful impact on Internet users around the world."

The groups said that "the charges against CompuServe will establish a
harmful precedent, and may encourage other governments to censor speech,
limit political debate, control artistic expression, and otherwise deny the
opportunity for individuals to be fully informed."

[168 lines left ... full text available at <url:http://www.reference.com/cgi-bin/pn/go?choice=message&table=04_1997&mid=4400035&hilit=CONSPIRACY+MEDIA> ]

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Subject: Prisons aim to stifle fight for justice