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ZGram - "The postulate of the bikini"ZGram - April 24, 1997 - "The postulate of the bikini"

Copyright (c) 1997 - Ingrid A. Rimland

April 24, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

If someone had told me two years ago that, by this time, I would have
written or edited some 500 ZGrams on the "Holocaust" and its related
fallout, I would have replied:  "There isn't that much to be said.  Let's
find out, once and for all, and then let's let it go."

And little did I know!

It seems there is no end to it.  The deeper we delve, the more we find out.
A few weeks ago, Ernst said to me:  "We have got to find a way to show
America how things such as Freemasonry etc. tie into the overall story."

What Ernst was talking about, in part, is what a book reviewer calls the
Jewish industry of "safety valve productions".  Of course Freemasonry is
one.  But there are many others.

In a book review entitled "Jewish Power" by J. J. Goldberg, we get a
glimpse of  what a jokester said of a bikini:  "What it reveals is
interesting.  But what it conceals is telling."

Here is the gist of that review:

"'Jewish Power' typifies a kind of book which is becoming ever more common
 - admit the fact of Jewish power but deny any suggestion of disloyalty or
outright conspiracy.

Written by the son of former UN ambassador and Supreme Court Justice Arthur
Goldberg, 'Jewish Power' contains a revealing but ultimately misleading
look at the Jewish political presence in the US, especially from 1967 to

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