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Re: [Fwd: updated "sector 9"]

>Subject: updated "sector 9" 
>Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 14:10:57 -0800 
>From: SW 
>Organization: Health, Wealth and Happiness 
>To: freezone@lightlink.com
>here goes: 
>Sector 9 
>The Real Purpose behind the 'New World Order' 
>Our Wonderful Alternative 
>by SW 
>With thanks to Captain Bill Robertson 

Captain Bill that couldn't even cure himself...

>You may have noticed after reading a lot of informative and occasionally
>frightening stuff about Conspiracies, the New World Order, Aliens, Mind Control
>and the like, a lack of two very important pieces of information: 
> 1.Why a group of people like the 'New World Order' would want to control Earth
>    with one suppressive world government (other than for the gratification of
>    their ego). 
> 2.A positive, constructive alternative that we can all work towards. It
>needs to
>    be at least as BIG a goal as that of the new world order, if we are going to
>    replace theirs. Because one can't make a choice between a One World
>    mind-controlling government and nothing. This new goal could be "To create
>    Heaven on Earth". For those people who are more rationally minded it could
>    be called the "New Civilisation Game". 

Or to choose the mind-controlling tech of TR's and auditing.
>It is important to be aware of what is going because we are controlled mainly by
>the things that we don't know about. But if we focus too much on negativity,

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