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This message has been automatically generated by Mailbase. Your email
address is registered on the Mailbase system. This email message is for
information only. You do not need to reply to it.

We hope that you will find the following information useful.

On Saturday 25 January 1997 at 16:57:29  the following details were held
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Email Address :
Firstname     : scl
Lastname(s)   : 7

You are a member of these Mailbase lists


Leaving Lists 
To leave a Mailbase list, send the command: 
        leave listname 
to '' with the listname you wish to leave 
substituted for listname. 

Did you know? 
Mailbase has a world wide web server. It contains lots of 
useful information about mailing lists. It also holds the 
archives, available as Hypertext, of all the open lists on 
Mailbase. Go to: 

for more information. 


The Mailbase Team