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ANNOUNCE: World Movers VRML 2.0 Developers Conference

Sandra Cannon

Seybold Seminars, the top education platform for the publishing industry -
with a year-round community-building website, domestic and international
conferences, and technical newsletters - joins forces with Silicon
Graphics, Apple, S3, 3D Labs, Microsoft, Intervista and Netscape, driving
forces in VRML 2.0, in presenting World Movers: The VRML 2.0 Developers'

Focused on the Moving Worlds VRML 2.0 open 3D internet standard,
this event will bring together the leaders in what is referred to as the
3DWeb revolution. This emerging community includes the designers of VRML
2.0 technology and tools and the Web developers who are enhancing their
content and applications with interactive 3D content. Developers are
expected from a diversity of industries, including entertainment,
education, engineering, and business.

World Movers will take place January 30-31, 1997, at the ANA Hotel in San

At World Movers, Web developers can:
              Learn how to use VRML 2.0 to create the interactive 3D
content that is redefining the online experience. Find out how VRML 2.0 is
being used to solve real-world problems in business, science, and
              Participate in the process to evolve VRML technology as a key
part of the open Internet platform

Attendees of the World Movers conference will be able to attend panel
sessions composed of key developers in the VRML 2.0 community, visit the
Demonstration Pavilion where VRML 2.0 vendors will exhibit their solutions
and tools, attend keynote sessions led by VRML leaders, participate in
online forums and Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions in the evening.

Enter now and see who will take the top honors for design and
implementation of VRML 2.0 content at the VRML Excellence

World Movers: The VRML 2.0 Developers' Conference is hosted by
Seybold Seminars, Netscape, Apple, S3, 3D Labs, Microsoft, Intervista
and Silicon Graphics. You can get more information about World

              By phone: 1-800-488-2883 or (415) 578-6900
              By fax: (415) 525-0199
              By mail: World Movers, Attn: Customer Service 303 Vintage Park
              Drive, Foster City, CA 94404.

The World Movers website will be updated regularly. Return for
information on keynotes, session content, and exciting participation
opportunities at World Movers.