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SCI-ART: a call for ideas

Sci-art: calls for ideas from partnerships in science and art.

Can you bring the insights of science and art closer together
with an idea that captures the public's imagination?

The Wellcome Centre is providing funds for developing the ideas
of scientists and artists working in partnership.  Three to six
ideas may be funded with amounts ranging from 5000 sterling to 
50,000 sterling.

Scientists and artists with an active interest in the subject
of biology, medicine and health (including mental health) are 
invited to submit their ideas to SCI-ART.

For further details contact:
The Wellcome Centre for Medical Science,
210, Euston Road,

Tel: 0171 611 8289

The closing date for submission in the 14th February 1997

The Wellcome Centre is part of the Wellcome Trust, the world's 
largest medical charity.

The principal aims of the Wellcome Centre for Medical Science
are to support the infrastructure of medical research in the UK
and to promote the public understanding of science.
Robert Kiley
Information Service Development Officer,
Wellcome Trust,
London. NW1 2BE
Phone: 0171 611 8338 
Fax: 0171 611 8726