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Re: Encrypted VRML files

On Wed, 2 Oct 1996, Pieter wrote:

> Hi:
> I attach a vrml file that is encrypted or something else.
> I have tried to "uncompress" with GZ, but it is not a GZ file.
> My questions are two:
> 1) How can I see this vrml world ???

The way you included it doesn't allow for myself, using pine, to download 
or figure out.  It depends on what extension it is.  What is the ending 
> 2) How can I encrypt a VRML world ??  I mean.... you know that a HTML
> file is always visible with Document Source, but is it the same with
> vrml files ??? How can I encrypt it ??

Ummm... There is no way that I know of to encrypt a VRML file.  I'm not 
quite sure why anyone would want to.  It depends on which VRML browser 
you use if you can see the source or not.  If you don't want anyone to 
see the source, it's a good idea not to put it up.

> Naiad
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