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Free Advertising For Your Business!!!

</P><P ALIGN=CENTER><FONT  COLOR="#804000" SIZE=3>If you want to sell a product or service on the Internet you need Mach10

Why Mach10
MACH10 is the best bulk e-mail program around.


</P><P ALIGN=LEFT>Most bulk e-mail programs only connect to one server at a time. With one server you are lucky if you can e-mail out 100,000 per day. With MACH10 you can connect to 20 servers at once. Thus it will send out your e-mail 20 times faster. You can e-mail your message to well over a million people a day. If you don't think that will increase your business think again.

</P><P ALIGN=CENTER>Consider what it cost to advertise using e-mail vs. direct postal mail.

Consider the cost to reach only 1000 potential customers.

Direct mail                                                E-mail
</P><P ALIGN=LEFT>Flyers (Printing) $100.00                            $ 0
Envelopes         $ 50.00                             $ 0
Postage            $320.00                            $ 0
Mailing List       $150.00                             $ 0
Total Cost         $620.00                            $ 0
</P><P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>Total Time Cost  folding, sorting,                 Laod and e-mail your message to 1000
                        stuffing envelopes               people in less than 5 minutes.
                         blah, blah, blah                 Easy
                         say 3 hours                      Fast
Response Time   6-8 days                           Instant! You'll be amazed!

</P><P ALIGN=LEFT>Bulk e-mail is legal, effective, time and cost efficient, and business owners are using it all over the world today to make big money. It works.

That is why when you sign on to AMERICA ONLINE the first thing they do is try to sell you something. They make millions selling these products.

Then the next thing that happens is you hear "You have Mail" and I will bet you read it too. Who could resist? 

To get the free details on how you can use bulk e-mailing to increase your business call 1-800-775-0712 ext. 8365. 
I will send you a free demo copy of the program, as well as a free special report
 "How to put Your Business On Automatic Pilot And Turn Your Marketing System Into A Predictable, Turnkey,
 Cash -Flow Machine That Keeps On Working-Even When You Don't!!"

Call now, The program demo is free!!!
In just a few days you can be bulk E-mailing like the pro's!
Take care

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