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[ANN] livingroom.org website

happy december!

the livingroom.org is an "arts-support" website, funded by the non-profit
Randy Hostetler Living Room Fund. it is a home for experimental musicians,
performance and multimedia artists, and all other persons interested in
creative artistic endeavors.  it is a completely free place for artists in
any and all disciplines to communicate, trade resources, show their work,
and publicize their events/showings/concerts.

we feature artist's works (visual, sound, java, etc) in the livingroom,
international events listings in the kitchen, an extensive collection of
art-related links in the resource room, an arts discussion list in the
meeting room and information about the life of Randy Hostetler, the
inspiration behind the livingroom.org site, in Randy's room.

if you would like to show your work on our site, list an upcoming event
with us, join our mailing list, add to our resource listings, etc., please
contact us at:


and please visit and use our site:


please redistribute this announcement.

thank you!